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Zegna Wool Mill

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Zegna Wool Mill is regarded with the highest esteem when it comes to producing textiles. The success  of the business, which was founded in 1910, is attributable to four generations of the Zegna family. The family said the secret of its success is balance – a balance for science, nature, craftsmanship, and technology, established by combining four seemingly unique forces into one smooth and tested process.

The production process of Zegna Wool Mill is carried out primarily by Ermenegildo Zegna. From the very first stage, which is the selection of raw materials, up to the final product, Zegna is on top of the process. Zegna believes that in every stage, quality is very important.  They likewise incorporate the use of modern technology, relying on a tradition that has helped the company get the edge on its competitors.

For over a hundred years, the wool mill has been a pioneer in the manufacture of fabrics that are softer and lighter than the rest. The mill has also ensured that each piece achieves performance and functionality. The company has also introduced new methods of construction in the area of luxury men’s tailoring.

Noble Fibers
The Wool Mill has been conscientiously producing quality wool. It has also produced mohair fabrics and cashmere, which are among the best quality fabrics. The fabrics are either woolen or worsted.

Woolen fabrics are more bulky than worsted ones. They are also warmer and therefore often best-sellers during winter. Shorter fibers comprise this kind of fabric. The protrusion of these fibers is responsible for the garments’ fuzzy characteristic and contributes to its warm appearance. When it comes to finishing, these fabrics could either be gauzed or fulled to make the hair rise from the fabric’s surface, giving it softness and volume. Zegna Wool Mill has various woolen products, but the cashmere fabrics are considered the best, providing the wearer with optimum softness and comfort.

On the other hand, worsted fabrics are the opposite. While woolen fabrics are bulky and warm, worsted fabrics are lighter and cooler, with a satiny feel. Generally, almost all of these fabrics, which weigh less than 250 g, are worsted. They also have longer fibers. Another quality of worsted fabrics is that they have finer yarns.

The Zegna Wool Mill has been providing the highest quality wool and cashmere for more than a century and will surely continue to do so for years.