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Ticket Pocket on Suits – An Unnecessary yet Nice Detail

Have you noticed that most jackets have two pockets on the right side, with one smaller than the other placed right above the bigger one? If you don’t know what it is, then now is the right time to acquaint yourself.

A ticket pocket is the pocket above the right hip pocket. It comes flapped or jetted and can also be straight or patched. Others even have it on a hacking angle. It is half the width of the hip pocket.

The ticket pocket is also referred to as the change pocket, because equestrians once used them to carry coins for use at toll points. This pocket makes it possible for men to button their jackets, look elegant, and have quick access to cash.

Ticket pockets were used during the Industrial Revolution for the purpose of carrying tickets that were easily accessible. From then on, it became a staple for busy men. However, the need for such a pocket is no longer a “necessity” but a fashion statement. Those who want to look sharp have this pocket on their suits, especially in Britain, Italy, and America.

Although the original purpose (storing tickets) has been defeated, this pocket retained its functionality. Think about it: instead of putting your business card in your wallet, a ticket pocket would be the perfect place, right? When you travel, this would come in handy too.

Your Height Matters

If you are a tall guy, then you will certainly find this pocket useful – and it creates a nice overall effect. However, ticket pockets aren’t great for shorter guys – they make them look shorter. Nonetheless, if you really do need the pocket, go for it. It’s your convenience that’s at stake here anyway.

A ticket pocket will help establish your personality. You can experiment with the styles and the manner in which you highlight this pocket. One thing is for sure: you will enjoy the functionality and style this pocket brings.