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Surgeon Cuffs and Working Button Holes

Bespoke suits are those that exude quality in every department. From the lapels to the stitching, one can always tell whether a suit is made for a man. Little details often determine the quality of a particular suit, and one of the most important details is the cuffs.

A very popular cuff today is the surgeon’s cuff, which is also known as a working cuff. The name may get people thinking about these cuffs as being exclusive to “surgeons” or “working” guys. Historically, there is some substance to this association. During the 19th century, surgeons dominated Savile Row. Surgeons, especially military surgeons, attending to patients in the field, would unbutton their sleeves and roll them up. This allowed them to quickly administer the necessary procedures in the quickest manner without having to change.

Then came the working buttons. These buttons mimicked the pips used by military surgeons. The idea of that last button was quickly adopted by Savile Row tailors. Soon, it became a standard for bespoke suits, highlighting the highest quality in workmanship.

With this in mind, the last sleeve button, which is left unbuttoned, shows the kind of detail one has on his suit. For men who are in the know, having this cuff speaks of real sophistication. It may just be a little detail, but a trained eye will always see the difference.

At present, these surgeon’s cuffs continue to be an iconic symbol when it comes to quality custom-made suits. Sometimes, a contrast stitching on the buttonhole is used to highlight the feature. One could easily customize the suit, making it highly personalized to conform to one’s needs and preferences.

Sometimes the last button is simply left undone. Italians often refer to this as sprezzatura. Wearing a custom-made suit with a surgeon’s cuff will give any man a sense of pride.

To ensure you get the right surgeon’s cuffs, entrust your suits to a reliable and trustworthy custom suit tailor.  Quality workmanship and an eye for detail are among the characteristics of a tailor who can give you the right surgeon’s cuffs at any time of day.