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What to look for in a suit during hot summer months?

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Temperatures during the warm season can reach more than 104° Fahrenheit in some US states.

In order to achieve a professional look without suffering, you need to be clever in choosing the materials your suit is made of. Going for lightweight clothes with looser weaves in the fabric allows you maximum airflow, which will help minimize the heat trapped within it when worn.

You should also consider unlined or half-lined suits that can provide sufficient ventilation to keep you cool during the warm months.

The color of your suit can also greatly help you deflect the merciless heat of the sun during the summer months. While business suits look best in charcoal gray, black, and navy colors, you should also consider lighter colors, such as light grays and khakis, during the warm season.

Which suit fabrics and colors are best for summer?


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While the material may be a bit stiffer compared to wool, its composition and structure allow for maximum air circulation that can help you keep cool during the warm summer months. This material is actually one of the most versatile, as it provides for a refined yet casual appearance that is truly suitable for summer. As for its color, you can go for khaki or baby blue.



Invellus Linen Blend Blazer

Another lightweight clothing material for suits that works well during the hot season is linen. Made from flax plant fibers, it has a visible weave and sports a nice natural texture. While the material can easily wrinkle, this characteristic adds a subtle charm that enhances the overall look. Nevertheless, you would not want to enter your office in wrinkled clothing, so consider wearing linen clothing with a blend of cotton or wool. This way, you can maintain the smart look without abundant wrinkling. If you are going for a custom linen blazer, typically lighter colors work well.

The Seersucker

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Having originated in the South, it is easily distinguishable from the rest because of its striped and crinkled surface, as well as its strategic puckering in some areas. This unique fabric offers you a great alternative on the best ensemble to wear during the warm season without compromising style. Its popularity in menswear fashion has reached such great proportions that June 11 has been declared Seersucker Day. However, bear in mind that it is has been designed and made for casual use and would definitely be out of place at events or places where a formal dress code is the norm. To give you that casual, yet refined look, try opting for blue and white seersucker during the summer season.

The Fresco

Fresco fabric shown, photo courtesy of Hardy Minnis of Savile Row.

You already know wool suits are best for the cold season, but some wool materials are designed and woven to make them appropriate for summer wear. The fresco suit is one such suit. Stemming from the word “affresco,” which is the Italian for “fresh,” the construction of this clothing will make you feel exactly like that. Consisting of multiple yarns and high-twisted wool sporting open weaves, the fabric allows air to circulate freely .

The Chambray

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Another choice of summer wear could be cambric, more popularly known as Chambray. This lightweight fabric is made of cotton and is easily distinguishable by its slightly glossy look. It is a close cousin of denim material and is characterized by its durable and sturdy construction. It is soft to the touch and allows maximum airflow as you move, making it one of the best clothing choices to wear during summer.

Summer Accessories

If you want to keep your clothing light and simple, go for patterned ties (floral is good) or bright socks. If your suit is already sporting bold patterns or colors, you can simplify your accessories to achieve a refined look. Try accentuating your look with seersucker or linen ties with a nice tie bar and pocket square. Remember, the hot summer season should not dissuade you from dressing stylishly and looking your best.