“Do You Look Like $500.00 Per Hour?”
Said my friend, and seasoned Miami lawyer of 35 years.


The other day, a friend and seasoned Miami lawyer of 35 years asked me, “Do I look like I am worth $500.00 an hour”?

Before I could answer he explained.

“Clients, colleagues and associates make decisions about you based on how you look.”

We both agreed making decisions about someone based on how they look is morally wrong – in the big picture how you look does not define your value as a human being. Yet, when dealing with mere mortals such as ourselves, fair or not, people judge us on how we look, including how we dress.

Fifty-seven percent of communication is nonverbal. Which boils down to how you dress affects how people treat you. Which is why how you dress is just as important as what you say.

You will spend 40,000 hours wearing a suit and tie during your career. Dressed correctly, you will capitalize on this time. Dressed improperly, you will hurt your career. Unfair, but true.

The problem is professionals wear ill-fitting off-the-rack suits or mass-produced custom suits made for Mr. Average. These suits make their shoulders slope, fatten their waist, elongate their torso, leaving them looking disproportionate.

On the other hand, a bespoke suit is made for you – and you alone.

It can broaden your shoulders … trim your waistline … hide the bump in the pocket where you keep your mobile … even make you look younger.

Put on a bespoke suit – especially if you’ve never worn one before – and you’ll suddenly discover what a suit is really meant to feel like. You’ll look better, feel better, perform better.

But that’s not all …

When you wear a suit and shirt that fits you – and is the correct color for you – people will treat you differently.

Women, your boss, neighbors, everyone … will treat you as if you’ve magically become better or smarter than you were before. So if you want to look more competent, professional, and more attractive to the opposite sex … a bespoke suit is your surefire winner, ultimately making you more effective in all your relationships.

Until now, lawyers could only get cheaply-made custom suits in America. These suits didn’t last, fit poorly and were machine-made and mass-produced of cheap materials with no craftsmanship.

For an American, flying to London’s famous Savile Row for a bespoke suit – which requires multiple fittings and takes weeks abroad – is grossly expensive and impractical. My suits cost less than the airfare.

Invellus is the first company to figure out how to deliver handmade custom suits to the American public.

I use Italian fabrics, English tailoring methods, Honk Kong labor and USA customer service.

  • Italian fabrics – direct from Zegna, Reda, Scabal and many more wool mills.
  • English tailoring – our suits’ craftsmanship method is English, the highest standard of suit construction.
  • Hong Kong labor – I employee a small team of 3rd and 4th generation master tailors, sewing your suit by hand.
  • USA customer service – Our U.S. based company will enable you to enjoy world class customer service.

The result is a one-of-a-kind handmade suit for the same price as a cheaply made designer brand off-the-rack suit at a chain store. Only mine is custom and handmade just for you, with better craftsmanship and materials in the style, fit, and fabric you choose.

Plus I sell direct only. No department stores. No middle men to mark up the price.

I help lawyers look like they’re worth $500.00 per hour, making them handmade suits and custom shirts that make their image more trustworthy, confident and valuable to their clients, colleagues and associates.

And because we bypass retailers, we don’t have the overpriced markups, so we can make you a better fitting, higher quality suit for the same cost – even if you are hard to please, had a bad experience or have no idea what to wear.

How it works:

I come to you in your home or office, consult, show fabrics, take measurements and then hand-deliver your suit back to you in 4-5 weeks.

I’ll make you a handmade bespoke suit for $1575.00, plus give you a custom shirt (worth $175) free. And I’ll let you wear it for three months to decide if you like it. Plus, you don’t have to pay me all at once; just pay half upfront and half upon delivery.

What next? Join our private waiting list.

You can’t order now. There’s a waiting list and here’s why– because I do not use machines and our focus is on the highest form of handmade custom suits. To be placed on our waiting list, just email waiting@invellus.com with your name, city and phone number. We can arrange a time that works for you to have a consultation and fitting.

P.S. To have a consultation and fitting scheduled, join our waiting list. Email waiting@invellus.com with your name, city and phone number.

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