How To Order

We meet with you in your home or office, discover your needs, advise on style and fit, show you fabrics from some of the finest mills in the world. Fabrics are chosen. Measurements are taken, your pattern is made and 4-5 weeks later your professional clothier delivers your first suit.

We call this the second fitting. Because it’s your first suit, only one suit is ordered. If alterations need to be made, we make them, so your future orders are alike.


The Process:

  1. A trained client adviser will come to you on your schedule. We will learn your wants and needs and advise as necessary.
  2. Then we review our fabric selection from the finest mills in the world. And with our help you pick the perfect fabric for your suit.
  3. Details and style of your suit are chosen. The client adviser then will take your measurements.
  4. Next our tailors will create your pattern from the measurements taken.
  5. Four to five weeks later we deliver your suit, and make sure the fit is exactly what you wanted. If it’s not, we fix it. Minor tweaks should be expected on the first suit, and we encourage it.

The Guarantee:

All of our suits will last a lifetime if well taken care of. We have a lifetime guarantee on our craftsmanship with every suit we make.

Wearing a custom fitted handmade suit by Invellus crafted uniquely for you can only be appreciated by experiencing one for yourself.

I urge you to do so, as there is no risk to you. We stand behind everything we make. If you don’t like it, simply return it and we will refund you in full.

Call us today at 800-245-6747 or email us:

If you live outside of Florida please contact us with your city and state by clicking here and we will contact you with dates we will be in your city.

Ready to experience a hand-crafted suit?

With our custom-fit handmade suits, and lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship,
rest assured you are wearing the perfect suit to compliment your body and style.