Four Countries Unite To End Cheap Machine Made Custom Suits.
Invellus-the first company to figure out how to deliver handmade custom suits to the American public.

Until now, lawyers could only get cheaply made, mass produced custom suits in America. These suits didn’t last, fit poorly and were machine made of cheap materials with no craftsmanship.

Many of these tailors bragged about pumping out 50,000 “custom suits” a year.

At Invellus we believe these suits are the opposite of what a custom suit should embody- craftsmanship, materials, fit and longevity.

A custom suit is made with a craftsman’s hands not machines.

My goal was simple, “I wanted to offer handmade suits of the same quality of famed savile row tailors, and I figured out how to do it”

    For an American, flying to London’s famous savile row for a bespoke suit which requires multiple fittings and weeks abroad, is grossly expensive and unpractical. My suits cost less than the airfare.

Invellus is the first company to figure out how to deliver handmade custom suits to the American public.

    I use Italian fabrics, English tailoring methods, Honk Kong labor and USA Customer Service.

  • Italian Fabrics- direct from Zegna, Reda, Scabal and many more wool mills.
  • English Tailoring- our suits craftsmanship method is English, the highest standard of suit construction.
  • Hong Kong Labor–  I employee a small team of 3rd and 4th generation master tailor’s, sewing your suit by hand.
  • USA Customer Service– Our U.S. based company will enable you to enjoy world class customer service.

   You won’t find my suits offered in Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. It would only inflate our prices. I sell direct to you. No middle men.

  We do not produce thousands of suits a year. Our team of tailors is small and we intend to keep it that way. We focus on craftsmanship and quality not quantity.

   My suits are not for everyone. There made for gentlemen wanting to invest in themselves, their career and personal relationships. The discerning types that despise cheap craftsmanship, materials and mass production. A gentleman that can see the designer rubbish of so many brands selling bogus products at inflated prices.

How it works:

  I come to you in your home or office, consult, show fabrics, take measurements and then hand deliver your suit back to you in 4-5 weeks.

  I’ll make you a handmade bespoke suit for $1575.00 plus give you a custom shirt (worth $175) free. And I’ll let you wear it for three months to decide if you like it, plus you don’t have to pay me all at once; just pay half upfront and half upon delivery.

What next? (join our private waiting list)

  You can’t order now. There’s a waiting list and here’s why. Because I do not use machines and our focus is on the highest form of handmade custom suits. To be placed on our waiting list just email with your name, city and phone number. We can arrange a time that works for you to have a consultation and fitting.