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More Than You Ever Need to Know Regarding Men’s Dress Socks

Dress socks are not that complicated but there are features to consider when shopping for your next pair.

Here are some points to remember when you are shopping for dress socks:

1. Over-the-calf socks should stay up.
What purpose do these socks serve if they don’t stay up? Totally defeated, right? This is one rule to remember. There’s just one problem though, some socks really pool at the ankles because they’re not the right size and the materials are cheap. This will leave you wearing suspenders or sock garters. So the best thing to do is to purchase good quality dress socks from the very beginning. Don’t settle for second best.

2. Buy the right size
Companies that manufacture low-quality socks almost always offer socks that fit all foot sizes. Whoa! This means their socks will stretch too much if your feet are too large and “shrink” if they are too small. Purchasing this kind of socks is not the safest route because they are normally made of low-quality artificial fibers.

So look for socks that are offered in at least four sizes and settle for nothing less. Remember that the right fit will determine your feet’s comfort. The right socks will hug your feet comfortably, without leaving pressure points.

3. Natural Fibers Work
Aside from the comfort level of your feet, you also need to be wary of how the socks absorb sweat. This is where the choice of sock material is important. Choose natural fibers that will reduce the possibility of sweating in them. Choose those with the finest and longest fibers. Obviously, they will be more expensive, but it’s worth it in terms of the  benefit to your feet. These socks are considered more durable, and will stay in shape even after you have washed them several times.

Hopefully this article provided some helpful tips that you can use next time your dressing for dress socks.