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Are you an average man?

Are you an average man?

Height: 5’9
Weight: 196 lbs.
Waist: 39 inch 

I didn’t think so.

That is the average adult male in the United States of America.

 But that’s what you get when you buy an off the rack suit. You receive a suit made for the average adult male body. You are literally wearing a suit that is made for someone else’s body.

Which explains…why so many professionals walk around in a suit that rounds out their shoulders, shortens their legs, enlarges their torso and fattens their waist. In a nutshell, it makes their body look disproportionate.

Who wants to pay money to look worse? Hardly seems wise. And you may think to yourself… “but my suit doesn’t fit that bad”. Of course you are going to say that. But what are you comparing it to?

Comparison is everything. Baked chicken is not that bad, until you’ve tasted how amazing fried chicken is. Which brings me to another real life example of how comparison is everything.

Do you remember how snazzy and impressive the Motorola Razor flip phone was? I remember when I first bought that phone, man… it was impressive. I thought it was so slim, so technologically advanced, I felt as if I had a phone from Star trek.

Razor Flip Phone vs. Smartphone

Then this little thing called the iphone came out, and well that was the end of the impressive, so amazing and perfect- razor flip phone. It’s was not even a competition. Think about it. The smartphone trumps it on all levels.

What’s the point?

The point is if you have never experienced the feel and comfort of a suit made specifically for your body, it’s impossible for you to say. But the odds are very good, that it’s a lot like comparing a flip phone to the smart phone.

You ask…“What about suits sizes” 

You must be thinking, that suit sizes will solve your problem. Nope. Unfortunately the human anatomy, does not make us all the same. You see, biceps, thighs, back, shoulders are all different shapes and sizes, and this is something that a suit size just cannot accommodate for.

What they do accommodate for is the average. So if you have average shoulders, average biceps you may be able to get away with an off the rack suit after the right tailoring is done.

What does a well fitting custom suit look like? Great question.

The easy answer is, it looks like a movie star.

Watch a movie and look at the men wearing suits, they are well fitting, add height, shrink waist sizes. And most importantly they make people look better than they actually do. That is what custom does. One important note to add:  movie stars are almost always wearing the right colors and patterns for their hair, eye, skin and body type. This is yet another trick to looking better than you actually do. Or maybe that is not a fair statement, how about it is another trick for highlighting your unique attributes. Maybe that is more politically correct?

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Blake Houser