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Hello, my name is Blake Houser. I founded Invellus Custom Clothiers because the custom suit market was dominated by machine-made, mass-produced custom suits, with zero craftsmanship and little fit or quality guarantees. These practices left men in poor fitting, cheaply made suits that only lasted a few years. Furthermore, customers who wanted high-quality custom suits had to buy “designer brands” sold through retailers at inflated prices, starting at $4,500.

My business mission was to address these two problems. Two companies dominated the custom suit market, and both had setups similar to multilevel-marketing companies that use high-pressure sales tactics. Both focused on low-end machine-made suits, packaged rather fancily and sold at high prices, in spite of their poor craftsmanship.

The solution to machine-made mass-produced suits was rather simple, set standards my company would live by. These standards, are as follows:

  • The suits are handmade
  • They come with a lifetime craftsmanship guarantee
  • They carry a fit guarantee, and
  • They have working button holes and full canvas

Finding Master Tailors

I am a stickler for quality, but am certainly no tailor. I needed to find the best tailors, and embarked on a global search to identify which countries produced them. I tried tailors in the United States, Hong Kong, and Italy and soon found that the outright winners in terms of handmade craftsmanship, quality, and price came from Hong Kong. So I hired them.

Having established high craftsmanship standards and hired the best tailors, I now needed the fabric. Naturally, I partnered with the best fabric mills in the world – Scabal, Zegna, Reda, Loro Piana, and many more.

The quality, fit, craftsmanship, and fabric components were solved. Now, I needed to find out why designer-brand suits were costing roughly $4,500 and up. I discovered three key factors that contributed to inflated prices.

  1. They are selling through retail channels that grossly inflate prices.
  2. These brands compete against each other by selling at the highest price. If one brand raises its prices, the other feels compelled to raise their prices.
  3. Designer brands have huge global advertising expenses adding to their cost.

The solution to inflated prices was  to bypass selling through retail stores and sell directly to you. This allowed me to reduce my costs by 60%. Lastly, since I am not in a store competing with other designer brands, I do not feel compelled to raise my prices to keep up with them. And because I am selling directly to you, I do not need to inflate prices to pay for global advertising campaigns.

The End Result

You receive one of the finest handmade custom-fitted suits in the world, and they come with a lifetime craftsmanship and fit guarantee. And these suits, with their exquisite fine fabrics, start at just $1,600.

How It Works

We meet with you in your home or office, discover your needs, advise on style and fit, and show you fabrics from the finest mills in the world. You choose your fabric, we take your measurements, and your pattern is made. Four to five weeks later, your professional clothier delivers your first suit.

We call this the second fitting. Because it’s your first suit, only one suit is ordered. If alterations need to be made, we make them, so your future orders are alike.

Your new suit will look so effortless when worn. It’s a thing of real beauty and a joy to wear; lining, canvas and fabric performing perfectly together. The attention to detail in handmade suits means your suit will keep it’s shape no matter how many meetings, car journeys, or flights it endures. You will be comfortable and able to move freely. And when you get to your appointment, you will look and feel great.

Client Testimonials

I wear my Invellus suit for every important meeting/presentation because of the added confidence I have while wearing it. When someone talks about needing a new suit, I will always recommended Invellus.

-Brian Holland

The quality is top notch, and I was able to customize the suit easily. I will order more soon.

-Stefan Augustyniak

The best custom suits in Miami or South Florida in general. I purchased a few custom shirts from them and couldn’t be happier. Thanks.

-Rick Glaser

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Wearing a custom fitted handmade suit by Invellus crafted uniquely for you can only be appreciated by experiencing one for yourself. With our custom-fit handmade suits, and lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship, rest assured you are wearing the perfect suit to compliment your body and style.

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With our custom-fit handmade suits, and lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship,
rest assured you are wearing the perfect suit to compliment your body and style.